Tips On How To Get Free Groceries

There are actually several ways to get groceries for free. Read on to learn some helpful tips on how to get free groceries or avail grocery shopping deals.

When you are trying to save money or your budget is limited, allotting your time and effort to find free groceries is a wise idea aside from earning the money needed to buy the grocery items.

6 Ways To Get Free Groceries

Use Coupons

Coupons are a common and effective way to obtain free stuff and save money. Grocery coupons provide you with freebies and discounts on goods that are not always on sale. Free coupons can be obtained via visiting stores, checking websites, or even through e-mails.

Get Free Samples

Numerous stores give free grocery samples, usually to promote new products. Free samples are frequently available at your local store or online. Use these chances to explore new goods while also managing your budget.

Download Grocery-Saving Apps

Mobile apps that allow you to save money on groceries through rebates are another fantastic method to acquire free groceries. Apps might come in handy if you are not into printing or cutting out coupons.

It is easy to use, just download the app on your phone. Then, go to the grocery shop to purchase the products listed on the app. Take a picture of your receipt, upload it, and wait for your payback.

Sign Up for the Customer Loyalty Program

Join membership programs offered by retailers to receive benefits such as rewards, coupons, or freebies. You can redeem free stuff by just collecting points and product codes.

Even if you do not buy a product with loyalty perks, you may ask people to collect the points for you. You can opt to gather the points at your local recycling center.


Another way to get free groceries is through bartering. You may be able to use your time, service, or skill in exchange for food from other people.

For instance, you can offer to help a neighbor with garden work in exchange for some of its produce, like vegetables. You can also help someone pick strawberries in the field in exchange for a free strawberry jam. Or, you can look after some chickens of your relatives when they are away to get some free eggs in return.


Search for safe and delicious foods you may harvest and consume legally, such as fruits, vegetables, or nuts. Go and explore the possible options everywhere around you.

You can inquire to your family or friends if they have fruit trees in their area and if you can pick and eat some of the fruits. Or, try visiting the FallingFruit website and see a collaborative map that indicates locations where you can access and harvest free produce.

Final Thoughts

Getting free groceries is a fantastic way to stretch your budget. Don’t miss using the ideas above to save money. These wise strategies will require some of your time and effort but they are definitely worth it.