Giveaway Hosting Tips To Increase Engagement on Social Media

Many businesses today already have their social media accounts knowing how much these digital networking platforms can boost their brand. But having a profile isn’t enough to let the public be aware of your products.

In this article, I’ll give you ideas on how giveaway hosting can increase your engagement and turn these followers and subscribers into customers. Read on for more details.

Tip #1: Set a Goal

Having a giveaway event is an awesome idea for your followers. It can also be a huge benefit to your brand if you plan it right. Of course, setting a goal is the first thing you must do before anything else. The goal you choose is totally up to you depending on what your current focus is.

You goal can be anything, from leading your followers subscribe to your other social media accounts to see more products, receiving emails for product updates, to calling you to learn more about the other deals you have to offer. Keep in mind that your goal must be clear to you so you know whether your giveaway event is efficient.

Tip #2: Make Your Prize Interesting and Relevant to Your Brand

The first step is to select what kind of products, services, or activities you’ll give away as a reward. It will vary on your objective; for example, if you want to raise public awareness about a product launch, you’ll probably want to give away that thing as your prize.

Additionally, you might collaborate with a business to develop a one-of-a-kind reward that would cater to each of your target groups. Finally, instead of a particular product or service, consider presenting an experience, such as a weekend getaway, a spa day, or the opportunity to meet an industry leader.

Tip #3: Understand How Hashtag Works

Hashtags on various social media sites might help your content appear across many pages. To assist promote visibility of your offer, consider establishing a captivating and distinctive campaign hashtag. For example, in addition to #giveaway, you might put your brand name and the giveaway hashtag, or something similar.

Tip #4: Put a Deadline

Put a time restriction in your caption and then add “Giveaway Closed” at the end of that period to let your participants know how long they have to accomplish your criteria. When deciding on an Instagram giveaway length, don’t assume that the longer it lasts, the more people will enter.

Limited-time offers are still popular for a reason: they create a feeling of urgency in your audience. I recommend limiting yourself to 3 to 7 days. A 24-hour contest might also be beneficial if you have a larger profile with an engaged following.

The time limitation will hopefully generate a feeling of urgency among your subscribers, encouraging them to connect with your post more immediately and keeping your offer at the top of their social media feeds.

Tip #5: Avoid Loop Giveaways

Loops contests are a common way to immediately get social media followers, but I don’t recommend using them. While they can increase your follower count, the probability of unfollowing after the offer finishes is quite high.

Typically, loop giveaways include many accounts collaborating to buy a large reward. The giveaway participants were then led through a “loop” by letting them follow each user one after another. This approach takes a long time, and the user typically has no idea how many users are in the loop, definitely feels endless. In reality, a large number of users will abandon the loop halfway through.

Final Thoughts

Hosting giveaways doesn’t to be expensive. In fact, there are a plethora of affordable giveaway ideas that you can try to increase your social media presence.