Post a Job for Free Using These Top 5 Sites

It’s no secret that finding good staff is difficult for businesses. Furthermore, many potential workers struggle to discover the perfect job for their skill set, challenging the process for both sides.

We’ll show you some of the top free job posting sites in this article to help you locate applicants that fit your company’s qualifications. Continue reading for more information.

#5 SimplyHired

SimplyHired is a job organizer that accepts credentials and distributes them to over 100 job sites. Each time a candidate applies, you will receive emails. With their pay-to-contact approach, you will only charge for the prospects you choose to contact after reading their resumes.

SimplyHired pre-screens all job postings; therefore, not all job categories, job sites, or staffing agencies are eligible to use its free online job portal.

#4 JobSpider

By simply enabling individuals to submit applications for free on a database, JobSpider avoids the majority of fraudulent job advertisements. Recruiters may search applications based on specific titles and keywords, making it simpler to locate qualified applicants. Additionally, both companies and applicants can utilize this site for free.

Employers would only be charged a minimal price for bulk work importation, which would vary by sector, company, and job category. The numerous connections with more significant sites are one of this website’s key advantages.

Applications submitted on this site, for example, may be sent to bigger job sites such as Simply Hired and others. Most applicant tracking systems can interface with this site, allowing businesses to select resumes depending on their own criteria.

#3 FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a one-of-a-kind employment board for part-time and remote employees. In fact, 40 percent of all firms globally now offer applicants internet employment that can be completed without having to go into the office, indicating that outsourcing is growing more popular.

Employers may file an invite request to FlexJobs, which allows them to publish an unlimited number of positions for free. This can take many days and is not recommended for individuals who have to fill a position quickly.

#2 Indeed

Indeed is the world’s largest job-search engine, with over 250 million active and varied job seekers accessing it monthly. It provides a free job advertising service, as well as candidate screening and a tracking system. Job searchers may use a smartphone app to apply for positions.

When you promote job posts, you may increase their visibility. It will help you locate suitable candidates, validate their abilities using 100+ exams, and filter applications from one interface. You may alternatively just design your strategic planning process and leave the budgeting to Indeed.

#1 Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a career and employment portal that also administers corporate reviews on the internet. You may post a job for free through our connection with Indeed, and it will display on both networks for a short period.

You may actively connect with job searchers by showcasing your business and work environment on Glassdoor. It also has a recruitment knowledge base with forms, charts, and workshops.

Final Thoughts

The majority of free job posting services cross-post available positions to several job boards. It broadens your search, giving you a better chance of finding good prospects. We believe that the top 5 free job posting sites listed above can assist you in finding the ideal applicant for your position without having to pay a lot of money.