What makes drunk people spend too much money?

Generosity is generally regarded as a positive feature of character, however, in some situations it can put one into a real trouble. As you can imagine, the moment one really should not let his or her generosity to mess with decisions is when the person is drinking alcohol.

It might has already happened to you or to your friends and relatives and you definitely do not want to experience it in your life. Spending too much money at a party in all likelihood will make you regret. In the worse case scenario, you are really risking to waste too much money.

Why do people tend to spend too much money when they are drunk?

There are several important factors which are pushing people into senseless waste of money when they are drunk.

Alcohol makes people too relax

Certainly, many people enjoy drinking alcohol as it has a very relaxing and soothing effect. To some point, it can be positive, yet, there comes a moment when there is no internal anxiety about anything at all which makes people forget about consequences of having alcohol.

Getting drunk makes people forget about various crucial expenses such as monthly payments, flat rent, credit interest and even the need to pay for food or clothes. People just do not think about anything which comes after a party and this makes it easier for them to spend money.

Difficulties with counting

Of course, one of the popular problems is the basic inability to count properly when a person is drunk. The calculations become rather blurred and it is also difficult to keep a track of everything you have ordered if you are partying at a bar. Needless to say, it is rather difficult for drunk people to imagine the size of the final bill.

Willingness to make other people happy

Some people want others to feel happy when they are happy especially if this can be achieved by alcohol. Such people are prone to ordering more and more alcohol for others or paying for the bills when the party is over. In such a situation, a person really feels good being so generous and kind to others. Of course, it can change in the morning when he or she realises how much money was left at night.

A form of domination

Undeniably, not everyone is thus kind after alcohol. There are also many people who are prone to aggression caused by alcohol abuse. Still, it is crucial to understand not all of these peop0le are willing to get into fights or even arguments. One of the possible ways for them to show they are domineering is paying for everyone at a party.

Using the simplest payment methods

Unfortunately, while drunk people are more risking to literally lose their money when they come to a party with cash, it is also easy for them to overspend money by using simple payment methods. It is a way easier to pay when all is required to do is touching the screen of a payment terminal with your phone or a card.

What should you do to save your money during a party?

It is recommended to resign from using any payment cards during the party. Your money will be safer if you take cash. Yet, it is crucial not to take more than you really want to spend on alcohol. Do not take anything extra just in case as it can eventually seduce you to spend more. Hide the money needed for taxi in another pocket.

Taking a payment card will not only allow you to spend on alcohol more than you want but you might also try to pay the cash out using the closest atm machine which might take a large commission. Furthermore, some people are also prone to compulsive shopping feeling an urge to buy when they are drunk even more. If you are one of such people, you might find yourself shopping for various stuff when you are already home after a party. For that reason, it is better to hide your bankcards somewhere where you cannot reach them.

Note that giving cards to the members of your family asking them not to hand the cards over to you no matter what is not a good idea especially if you might have aggressive outbreaks.