Online shopping: features of fake opinions about products

The majority of people are already using online services for making purchases of various goods. Still, even if you are already pretty experienced in this form of shopping, you should still be aware of fake reviews which might make it rather challenging to purchase goods online. It is particularly crucial to be careful about fake reviews when you are going to make an expensive purchase. This article will help you to become more aware of the practices widely used by people who are specialising in writing false reviews and opinions about goods.

A strange language used in the text

There are many services specialising in online marketing which are offering absolutely different solutions to the problems of their clients and writing fake reviews and opinions is one of their specialisations. Of course, these specialists are trying to do their best to make the users of the Internet find their opinions pretty natural which does not happen all the time.

One of the easiest way to make a text more realistic is certainly by making a couple of mistakes. This seems obvious and does not appear as anything difficult to complete, however, in the reality, people who are writing hundreds of such texts might find it challenging to keep their texts looking natural in the way allowing them to deceive others. They tend to make some absolutely random mistakes or use slang which in the reality is not thus natural as they believe.

Such messages can be noticed without difficulties and you should be aware of them.

Too much of description

There are different purposes of using excessive descriptions in opinions about goods. For instance, you might come over texts which have a full name of a good and this can be one of the signals for you to be more accurate with such a text. This is especially true if the name of the item on the websites of the shop is pretty long and includes some additional specifications such as an amount of memory in a smartphone or a specific colour of its model. Certainly, there are no people who will be willing to write such long comments on the page where it is not required and everyone will anyway understand what the subject of the comment is.

The purpose behind such a practice is making the good visible for search engine robots.

Another purpose is again, the pretence of being a genuine comment. This time authors are creating various large stories and introductions about the goods they are reviewing in order to make people believe this really happened. You can also be more sceptical about such texts especially since the general tendency of leaving reviews and opinions about goods is to leave negative comments rather than positive ones. Those, who decide to write something positive, are rather unlikely to go into a long explanation.

Fake negative reviews

Certainly, there is no secret in the practice of writing negative comments about the goods offered by rivals as this is one of the most effective ways to decrease the overall rating of the product and show the dissatisfaction of the people who have happened to purchase it.

At the same time, you should be aware of another common practice which is leaving negative comments about one’s own goods. Even though it might seem counterintuitive, the reason for such a strategy is the same and it is the attempt of marketing specialists to make their opinions look realistic.

Of course, the goods surrounded by exclusively positive reviews can seem to be pretty suspicious to many customers. For that reason, some sellers decide to create their own negative opinions about their own products and keep them in the way which actually does not change any positive vison of the good in general.

This is frequently achieved by discussing some subjective issues which are usually not a problem to anyone else. Another common strategy is writing an opinion which will tackle some problems of the good which do not concern the major characteristics and have no importance at all.

In addition to it, there might be problems which have been resolved by the professionals within a twinkle of an eye.