More ideas on making your diet cheaper and keeping it healthy

If you are looking for more recommendations on minimising the amount of money you are spending on your food while making your diet healthier, this article will give you a lot of suggestions that can help you achieve your goal.

Make sure you are using the products to their last drop or piece

Sometimes, it can be rather difficult to get an entire product out of its package, however, it is worth it. There are many tricks you can do to such food.

For instance, you can add a bit of apple vinegar and spices to the jar with the remains mayonnaise you can get out and shake it, you will be able to use it as a topping for a salad. If you have a jar with the remains of a chocolate cream, you can add hot milk there and get an entire cup of cocoa.

Of course, any packages in the shape of tubes can be cut so that you can access the rest of the product.

Prefer seasonable products

It might be rather expensive to buy certain vegetables and fruits during the winter, however, this is not a reason to resign from having these important ingredients in your diet. There is a plenty of other vegetables and fruits available during that time that you can purchase for a smaller price.

For instance, in the winter, you can go for pumpkin, cabbage, carrot, celery and beetroots which are very healthy and not thus expensive as exported cucumbers or tomatoes.

Resign from purchasing sausages and processed meat

While it is easier to grab a sausage than to make your own cutlets, processed meat is neither a cheap nutritional variant nor it is healthy. If you calculate how much real meat you can buy for the same amount of money that you have to pay for a kilogramme of sausages that are even not made of a kilogramme of meat, you will see how much you can save on such purchases. In addition to it, you will make a choice towards a way healthier option.

Switch to steaming products

Steaming has been advertised as a healthy alternative to frying for a long enough for you to finally use this form of food preparation in your daily life. Steaming indeed helps to preserve healthy nutrients in the food, minimise unnecessary calories and make your food more easily digestible. At the same time, the less oil you use for frying, the less you have to pay for it, so this is an obvious point for saving money on food.

Add vegetables into meat cutlets

It is common to add bread into meat cutlets, which is not necessarily a healthy option, yet, there is another way to make your cutlets less dry, healthier and get more portions of the dish. For that, you can try adding cabbage, zucchini or carrot to the meat. These vegetables with a neutral taste will make your cutlets softer and enrich their nutritional profile.

Make less dishes divided into portions while cooking for a big family

While many people love cutlets, this dish is somewhat tricky when you cook it for a large number of people. The problem is that it is rather difficult to make a sufficient amount of such food for more people. It might be a better idea to cook dishes with mixed ingredients, for instance, meat sauces with vegetables or meat pies.